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Meet the team!

We are real people, working in a real family business – not a faceless organisation. We care a huge amount about what we do. Here is a little bit about ourselves…


II wish I could? Teleport myself to anywhere in the world!
What did you have for breakfast? A big bowl of cereal. My favourite flakes are the ones with dried berries in them. Banana and some yoghurt.
What would you be lost without? Sleep sleep, sleep, I never get enough!
What’s your favourite toy from the site? I particularly love our huge range of alphabet letters. They’re cheerful and fun, and terrific for helping to teach our special little ones to grow and learn.


I wish I could? Go back to my childhood and take more time to just enjoy being young!
What did you have for breakfast? Toast and jam and a large mug of tea.
What would you be lost without? My bike. It gets me out into the beautiful New Forest Countryside.
What’s your favourite toy from the site? Our Ride On Vintage Car. Its fantastic old school fun and value.

The Clementine Toy Testers

I wish I could? Everything all of the time…..
What did you have for breakfast? Porridge with milk and some strawberries.
What would you be lost without? Friends and toys!
What’s your favourite toy from the site? All of them!

About Us

At Clementine Toys, we offer a fun, exciting place to browse and shop. Our wooden toys are made to last, perfect for handing down through the family. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring all our products are safe and fully certified to CE standards. We also strive to keep uneccessary plastic packaging to a minimum, and we recycle cardboard boxes wherever possible. Throughout our range of toys, the impact on the environment has been considered. A large proportion of our wooden toys are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers whose products are made from rubberwood from exhausted rubber plantations that are replanted every 10 – 15 years. The remainder use wood taken from sustainable forests.