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Welcome to the July issue of our newsletter. We do hope you like it! It's packed full of information on all our new products, information and diary events. If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.

Freight train set
We have expanded our range of train sets, so now we offer something for everyone. These sets are compatible with Brio and all other leading wooden train set types. We have a selection of complete sets starting with small 20 piece sets which are perfect for beginners and make great expansion sets for existing fans. The sets increase in size up to our whopping great Freight train set with 130 pieces!

We have also started stocking a selection of train accessories, including carriages, buildings and additional track features, designed to complement and expand any set. To see the full range of train sets look in our train set section.

Starchild navy shoes
Clementine Toys are always on the lookout for great designs and these shoes are no disappointment. Made in the UK and hand-finished to the highest levels, these shoes give total comfort to the babies that wear them. Each shoe has a non-slip suede bottom, ideal for tiled or wooden floors. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic dyes, make them perfect for little toe suckers!

Train names
These little trains are a great present and toy. The train and carriages all have little magnetic couplings and are all compatible with Brio and other popular makes of wooden railways, so they will fit perfectly. The letters are removable and come in a variety of colours.

This great gift is perfect for any name - even those difficult ones that you can never find in the shops! a lovely gift for a boy or girl. These Train names are brilliant as a decoration in a new baby's nursery or bedroom and then when the child is older, they make great toys.

Pirate ship clock
We have always stocked a small range of clocks to help learn to tell the time. These have proved so popular we have extended our range and now stock something for everyone, from football to fairy to pirates. A great addition to any room and almost enough to make bedtime fun...
Train and bricks
Occasionally a few of our products are retired for all sorts of reasons - old age and old design are usually the most common. This gives you an opportunity to get the same high quality toys at a reduced price.

Why not have a look in our sale section and see if there is anything there to catch your eye. Remember to check back here each time you visit our site as the items in here change frequently and often and supply is usually very limited.

We hope you have found this newsletter helpful. If you would like to see any new products, or have any comments at all on our ranges, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Warmest Regards

The Clementine Toys Team!
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